History of Pierre Maspero's

History of Pierre Maspero's - History

Of all the historic sites in New Orleans, none have witnessed more drama than the old exchange coffee house known as The Original Pierre Maspero’s Slave Exchange. The building is one of the oldest in the French Quarter, having been erected in 1788 by Don Juan Paillet. During the first decades of the 19th century this coffee house was a meeting place where brothers Jean and Pierre Lafitte and their men met to plan escapes.

It was also in this historic site that Andrew Jackson met with the Lafitte brothers to plan the defense at the epic Battle of New Orleans. It was at this battle that the British surrendered to the American troops led by Jackson. America’s Independence was finalized and General Jackson went on to become the 7th president of the United States. Today, it is a locally-enjoyed restaurant where travelers to the French Quarter can dine on authentic New Orleans cuisine while enjoying the historic property.

Pierre Maspero's Original Restaurant has been in the French Quarter since 1788. My husband and I have been coming here for decades. No longer living in New Orleans, we always dine here when we visit. Restaurants come and go, but none measure up to the consistency and quality found at Maspero's. Every meal we've enjoyed here is a visit of flavors coming together in every bite. "First you make a roux," has never been more evident than at Maspero's Restaurant, wonderful cajun dining in an 'olde world' environment.

- Charlie C. 8/16/2016, Trip Advisor

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